I’ve decided to start a second blog.  (My first is still going at startribune.com/yourvoices.)  Basically, I set out to design a new newsletter with all of the things I was hoping to include after hearing great feedback from women – and it was all great, but it was much too long.  All of the new additions felt like they needed a new home, so on the advice of a trusted advisor (thanks, Rachel!) I’ve started this new blog as a way to share information, recipes, ideas and tips and to keep it all in one tidy place.

To make posts easier to search, I’ll keep them short and catagorize them on the side.  Check back often for new recipes (for skin and cooking),  class listings, upcoming retreats, and other healthy living tips.  I’m also excited to be featuring a new section called Things I Like.

I’ll also be making more frequent use of my Anna Dvorak Classes and Retreats Facebook  page, so if you want to follow my updates there, check that out.

What ideas do you have for making this a useful resource for you and your healthy life?  I’d love to know!

~ Anna