This is me – Anna.  I live mostly in Minneapolis but also in Colorado with my husband, our dog Carson and two cats.

I am an artist, which informs how I live in this world, how I communicate and why I love to surround myself with beauty.  I paint abstract stain paintings that reflect my curiosity in the natural world.  You can find out more about my art on my website at

I am also a nurturer, a teacher, a guide, and a cook. The name of my blog describes the way I approach my nurturing – with sotto voce, or a soft voice.  I love to share all of the things I’m passionate about – healthy foods, cooking, nutrition, skin care and self-nurturing – by gently providing guidance along a natural path that I believe we’re all inclined to follow when we listen to our inner voice.

I’m starting this blog so that I have a more casual and approachable forum to share some of these ideas on a more frequent basis.  I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this journey with me.

Here’s my more “official” description of what I’m doing right now:

I like to call myself a personal guide for living a vibrantly healthy life. I teach how healthier choices can be attainable for our skin, home environment and bodies through natural products, organic ingredients, and balanced living.  In my cooking classes, I focus on decadent simplicity in vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free foods, emphasizing seasonal, organic and local ingredients. In my body and skin care classes, I teach how to make handmade products that soothe and protect the skin using natural and herb-infused ingredients. I teach at the Wedge, Lakewinds, Linden Hills,  Seward and Mississippi Market Co-ops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, at Kitchen Window. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I lead weekend and week-long retreats focused on exploring balanced living, primarily for women.  I am certified both as a Nutrition and Wellness consultant and as a Weight Loss Consultant.